PHILIPPOPOULOS ENERGY TECHNICAL S.A. is a company which designs and constructs industrial units for the energy utilization of Biomass and Solid Waste,since 1974, with specialised experience and more than 100 installed projects. It is the evolution and the new legal form of N.Ach.Philippopoulos company, from February 2008 onwards. Our commitment to innovation and creation of new technologies, enables PHILIPPOPOULOS ENERGY TECHNICAL S.A. to deliver a wide range of specialized capabilities and solutions to clients processing all types of biomass and solid waste.

Biomass and solid waste utilization has many advantages:

  • Trouble-free and efficient operation of the mechanical equipment.
  • Solution to serious problems such as disposal of waste, reduction of hazards, meeting of enviromental policies.
  • Short payback time (ROI 2-3 YEARS)

If you are interested in replacing the mineral fuels  (oil, natural gas, coal) and you have subproducts of wood, rise husk, cotton husk, wood chips, animal by-products or other types of solid waste containing energy content, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Company facilities


External image of the plant, when finished.

External image of the plant, just before the delivery.

Internal view of the plant.

General view of the internal unit. All the main functions and stages of unit procedures can be detected.

Internal view of the combustion room

Graphical view of PLC controler, from a computer

Control and management panel of the unit, with the use of censors and PLC controlers

Burn waste

Burn waste in a container. After the burning of the mass, all waste are throned automatically in a container.

PLC - Scada

Boiler House

Unit that produce electrical power (ORC) 1MWel

Flue gas and ash treatment

Unit that produce electrical power (ORC) 1MWel

Unit that produce electrical power (ORC) 1MWel

Unit that produce electrical power (ORC) 1MWel

Unit that produce electrical power (ORC) 1MWel


Presentation of units: 1) Electricity production of 1 MWel from cotton processing waste via Organic Ranking Cycle (ORC) technology    2) A sludge drying and incineration plant  for  environmental  protection ...
Permit of one unit that produce electrical energy Power:  2,5 MWel Fuel:  Biomass Location:  Plati, Municipality of Aleksandria, Imathia Owner:  PHILIPPOPOULOS ENERGY TECHNICAL S.A. ...
After research requested and funded from PLILIPPOPOULOS ENERGY TECHNICAL S.A. and implemented by the CENTRE OF RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY-HELLAS (CERTH) return the results in the attached report by the Institute of Chemical Processes Engineering Research Institute (CPERI). ...
Supply and installation of electromechanical equipment of one unit that burns poultry waste for steam production. Power:  Steam production 7.000 kg/h to 10 barg pressure Fuel:  Poultry waste Location:  ...
PHILIPPOPOULOS ENERGY TECHNICAL S.A. will participate in the 4rd international exhibition ECOTEC <>.  The exhibition will start on Thursday April 7 in the Expo Athens exhibition centre in Athoussa Attica and will last till Sunday, April 10. This is ...